Thursday, May 24, 2018

This week

This week we didn't do much of math or UOI we spent time going to the MS music concert. So after the show we had to write a recount about it. The concert was not the most amazing thing ever but it
was fine. Here is the recount I wrote :

                                          MS Fascinating Music Concert
                                                            By Mira

On a hot sunny Tuesday the 22nd of may there was a MS concert in our huge school theater. All of grade 5 went there to see our grade 6 buddies preform. We walked inside of the crowded theater and almost every seat was filled with teachers, parents and other classmates. When we sat down the lights went off and everyone was as quiet as an eagle spying on its prey. First went on the grade 6 band and choir with a storyteller. As the band went on many golden and silver instruments shone in the spotlight, then the choir started to sing. Mr.Vermeire told a story Three Billy Goats Gruff. In different parts of the story the band started to play or the choir would started to sing. The story was funny because of the special effects the band and the choir were doing, also because the moral was “don't be a troll.” Next were the grade 7 and 8 orchestra. They played a harmonious traditional english song called Fiddler’s Frolic. The next 2 songs they played were spectacular but some of the violins sounded squeaky. The songs were: Three Celtic Folksongs , Appalachia Waltz and Boogie Woogie. Then there was a grade 6,7,8 choir they sang 4 fantastic and harmonious songs. The first song was called: Four partner songs, it had 2 soloists they were both girls and they sounded amazing. The next song was called: The Mango Walk, that was my favourite song of all they sang, because it had a lot of harmony. The next song was: Straighten up and fly, it was my least favourite song of all because it was very boring and I almost fell asleep while they were singing it. The last song they sang was: There is Peace, they sang that song at concordia with other schools before the concert it was very slow and sad. The last event of all was a grade 7 and 8 band. Like all the other songs the orchestra and choir had in the concert were traditional and from different countries. The songs were: Asian Folk Song Rhapsody, Con Buom Xuan, Chisa, Joy. Most of the songs were very slow and boring. But the musicians hands were moving so fast on the instrument they looked very professional. In conclusion all of the songs were pretty good but one stood out to me It was the choir song. It was called the Mango Walk it is a Traditional Jamaican song. I liked it because it was really fast and I was surprised how the choir could sing so fast and at the same time not mess up with the words. I liked how in the concert they chose to do traditional songs from all parts of the world.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

This week Recount

This week we started writing more recounts and the first one I wrote was about how our class was deciding on our new seats. In my recount the first paragraph I didn't add where and who but I did add when. Also in my writing I forgot to add adjectives and different describing words. I included descriptive words which were all number so i think that i should and more shape, size, color, texture, location and action words. Then I wrote another paragraph about the wizard of oz show on friday I think that this time I added more description and good adjectives:

The Wizard Of Oz

On friday evening 5:30 the 11 of may I went to the fantastic wizard of oz production that happened in our huge school theater. It was a sunny hot day after school by the time I arrived the sun heat when down a bit. Then I met my friend Hachi who was also waiting for the start of the show. We both got some salty, buttery and warm popcorn, then went upstairs to the theater. I looked at all the red labeled and rough chairs and started searching for mine, I sat next to the wall on the right side of row f. I was mostly excited to see some of my friends in the show Melissa and Tam.

This week we also had a boring long M.A.P test which stands for measure academic progress. It is a test which students from grade 2 to grade 12. Every person takes this test at the start of the year and at the end to find out how has the person's learning changed over the year. There are three subjects for the test reading, math and literacy. During the map test I was very nervous but as I started it I got less nervous and i was confident. Some questions were very hard but i answered them by eliminating the answers I knew were wrong.

In our new transitions unit we figured out our central idea and our lines of inquiry they are
Central idea: Transitions involve changes that require adaptations
Form: Ways people change
Function: Purposes of transitions
Change: The inevitability of change and how it impacts us 
We also found out our new assessment for transitions, we have to show in a creative way. How we have changed over time. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Math and Literacy this week

In math we had stations and each station was about one unit of measurement they are: length, capacity, mass, temperature, area, volume and time.

May 9th: I used the mass weights. Before measuring water I thought that 500 milliliters would be more than 500 grams because I thought that water weight was heavier. Bt when I did measure both of the units they were equal to each other. I if I used 500 milliliters of oil to 500 grams would it also be equal or would the oil weight mote that the grams?

May 10: I did a problem when I had to choose a job and cout how long it takes to get a million dollars. I chose bill gates and I found out that he got 1.38 million per hour so I had to figure out how much money he earns per minute. I found out that he earns 23 thousand dollars per minute so I started dividing 1 million by 23 thousands to figure out how many minutes he needs to get 1 million dollars. I think that this activity helped me practice on

division with bigger numbers. I also found out that it takes bill gates 44 minutes to earn 1 million dollars.

May 11: I did the kool - aid station and I had to figure out the perfect recipe for me and I think that for the cherry flavor its 20 grams of kool - aid and 200 milliliters of water. I learned that the kool - aid tastes better when there is less sugar than water. I wonder what other flavors are there and do they have the same measurements as the cherry one.


In literacy we started a new type of writing which is called recount. A purpose of a recount is to tell about something that happened in the past. Yesterday our class had a debate about the way we wanted to chose our new seatings for our new unit. We decided to write a recount about our debate. Also to write a good recount you have to add descriptive words. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Music concert response

On March 15th many excited parents went to the grades four and five UNIS music concert. There were many amazing performances like singing and playing instruments. Grade 4 and 5 did a lot of hard work and practiced to perform in front many people. Everyone was elegantly dressed and nervously waiting for their performance. I was excited to preform because I wanted to show what I learned and practiced for a long time.

First went on the grade 5 band and played 3 songs then went on the spectacular cellos that played  here it comes and rhythm fever, followed by the violins. At the end of our performances the violins and cellos joined in to play tiptoe boo. After the grade 5 instruments went on the grade 4. They played a strings pice and then sang 2 songs in choir. Then the grade 5D class did a very dazzling basketball performance. After that there was a grade 5 choir we sang on top of the world and hold back the river. Ath the end of our concert grades 4 and 5 sang a vital song called have you ever seen the rain.

I think that the concert was very dazzling and vital everyone put a lot of work into it and everyone tried their best. It was also festive and hopefully a lot of people enjoyed it.

Weekly blog post week 30

In literacy we wrote a responsive text on our music concert we had to use descriptive words to describe our grade 4 and 5 music concert. We wrote our opinion in the conclusion at the end using descriptive words. The purpose of a responsive text is to judge and give your opinion on a certain topic. I learned a lot of new words and I learned how to write a responsive text.

In math we started our new unit geometry and this week we learned how to find the area and the perimeter of a rectangle. We did a Unicorn problem when we had 30 meters of fence and we needed to create the biggest are possible for the unicorn to have. I learned how to times fractions by fractions I also learned that models help a lot when doing math problems.

In PYPX we had to use a specialist for our projecta nd Me and my group went to take photos of different posters around our school so we can see which gender does appear the most and if the photos are mostly boys playing sport and girls reading. We found out that there is a equal appearance of boys and girls in UNIS posters.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

PYPX ,Math and Responsive text

This week in exhibition me and my group worked very hard on our research because we are a small group and we were behind in our exhibition project. I was very nervous but then when we meet with our mentor I think that now I understand how to manage my time so we get everything done. Net week we have to start writing our information report otherwise we will not get it done till the deadline. Me and Melissa will have to work very hard to finish all our work I hope that we will do everything in time. The week before spring break is going to be very nervous for my group but i think that we will be able to do everything in time.

This week in math we got more into our new unit: Division with remainders. I think that this unit is going to be very easy for me because I already know how to do division with remainders and I'm pretty good at it. I want to find out howto do division problems and then turn them into models. I also want to find out more ways to solve division than just the algorithm. During math when we did models I could not understand how to do it but think than now I know how to do them.

This week we also started our new type of writing unit it's called responsive text it's structure has a title, context, description and judgment. The purpose of responsive text is that you have to judge an author's piece using judgmental words describing the piece or certain details about it. We watched a movie and read a poem after that we judged both of them using judgmental words positive and negative in positive we used words like: ambition, comical, enigmatic, significant and in negative we used words like: heartless, delirious and vindictive. To understand the responsive text we looked at 2 types of responsive text and understood the structure and the purpose. I'm excited to learn about a new different type of writing.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

This week & Concert

This week we started researching about our exhibition and lines of inquiry.We talked about what action we want to take. During the research me and Melissa decided to separate and research different lines of inquiry. I hope that we get all of our stuff done because we are only a group of 2. We also had our music concert I played 3 songs on the cello rhythm fever, here it comes and the last song cello and violin we played tiptoe boo. The whole grade 5 sang hold back the river and I'm on top of the world. Then we sang Grade 4 & 5 have you ever seen the rain. I felt very nervous at the start but when we started playing I got more confident.